Free Memberships

Raise Your Hand if You Want a Free Membership?

Good grief you didn't actually raise your hand did you?

You did??


Wait, you're in public? I'm sorry...

Seriously though, it's really quite simple. No crazy catch or gimmick to it. Here's all you have to do:

Sign-Up for one of our Memberships. 

Then, refer a friend to us at Lift Positive Fitness.

If that friend signs up for a membership, guess what.... your next month is completely FREE.

There is also no cap on how many friends you can refer to us. Which means you can just keep racking up the free months.

To sweeten the pot a little for you, if you refer 9 friends to us who all sign up for memberships, then instead of giving you just 9 months free you'll get a free YEAR! 

That's correct, a free YEAR membership.

And let's be honest training with friends is always more fun.