Community Outreach in Beverly

Fitness Boot Camp for the Animals

Fitness Boot Camp in Beverly, MA

Our Members, Friends, and Families sweat it out for a great cause (Northeast Animal Shelter) and came through with some very generous donations.

Community Service in Beverly and the neighboring areas is so important to us at Lift Positive Fitness.

Donating Blood at Boston Children's Hospital


Always glad to be a blood donor volunteer at Boston Children's Hospital.

Want to have a huge impact?

One of the easiest ways to do that is by donating blood. The simple act of donating a pint of blood saves lives.

Northeast Animal Shelter


We love the Northeast Animal Shelter, and are always happy to help them in anyway we can. Whether it's donations or being a volunteer, support your local animal shelter.

Community is a Pillar of our Gym's foundation


Community outreach in Beverly and the Neighboring areas is a part of the fabric of our facility here at Lift Positive Fitness.

We truly believe that our community in the gym thrives when our community around the gym does too.